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Independence DBC Reopening

416 W Maple Ave

Independence, MO 64050

Monday & Wednesdays at 12:30 pm, cost $5 members / $6 non members

I received clearance from the city today to reopen our bridge game in Independence.

Our start date will be Monday, June 7th. All games will be 1/2 price that week and the first time someone plays, they will get a coupon for a free play to be used by June 26th.

The only thing that is firmly decided is that we will REQUIRE VACCINATION TO PLAY. Please bring your vaccination card in with you the first time you play. I'll keep a list, so you'll only have to bring it in once. Players who have not been vaccinated will be turned away at the door by me. If you should forget your card the first time, I'll let you in and trust your honesty. I'm just trying to protect everyone! MASKS will be optional and you must provide your own.

Since we will all be vaccinated, I'm not quite as concerned about food and drinks. Tell me what you think!

Other things to remember:

- If you are an occasional player with no city membership, it costs an extra dollar to play and the club gives that fee back to the city every year. You can buy a city membership (Parks and Rec) at the front desk. I forgot to ask, but I'm relatively sure the price will be the same: $10.00 for Independence residents, $25.00 for all others (but I'll give you $10.00 back from the club) .

- You will have to sign a waiver at the front desk for liability protection for the city.

- You will have to sign a similar waiver for the club.

- Remember that you are playing AT YOUR OWN RISK! Our room is used by other people, and the city IS NOT requiring vaccination to enter the building. The vaccination requirement is for the club and has been approved by the city.

I've bought wipes and sanitizer for the club, to be used as needed.

I'll update you again as I get other things put together, primarily the waiver for the club and the associated rules.

Response to my previous emails has been pretty small. Please take the time to let me know about any concerns you have and whether you intend to resume playing. Attendance will be a critical factor in whether or not we can successfully reopen the game.

Jeff Mason


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