Sept 8, 2018 Board Minutes (draft)

September 13, 2018


ACBL Unit 131

Unit 131 Board Minutes
September 8, 2018, 3:45 PM at the Studio

Members present: Bar Kaelter, Jim Dorman, Robert Weaver, Alan Hierseman, Arnold Nelson, Becky Walker, Carl Shipley, Max McGinn, Randy Klein, Richard Jones, Stan Coons, Tom Cranshaw, and Vicki Muir, and guests Lee Goodman and Tim Hayes

  • Lee Goodman and Tim Hayes attended the meeting to respond to questions and concerns raised by Unit 131 members.  The following is a summary of the comments and responses.

    1. Overview: Directors own their own games and bridge pads. The ownership serves to generate income for the directors. The Directors are responsible for all ACBL fees and which have to be in by the 10th of the month to avoid ACBL penalties. Lee has the 1st option to buy the game or sell it to a preferred owner. Lee purchased the Studio for and has made significant improvements. Rent in 2017 is expected to go up 2018 which will reduce any profits that Lee makes. Table fee are split between the Studio & the game owner and covers ACBL costs. The Studio provides the facilities, computer, supplies, tables, chairs, etc..

    2. Facility: Common area maintenance such as paving the parking lot is passed on to the renter (Studio) based on square footage. The Studio is about 2500 square feet. The carpets are cleaned 4 times a year; ounce by the facilities owner while Lee pays for the other 3 cleanings. The chairs have to be folding chairs to allow for cleaning the carpet. There is no room in the aisle for small side tables. The tables were replaced 3 years ago. Larger tables take up too much room. Lee stated that he believes that restrooms were adequate. Lee acknowledged that the game on Friday is often very crowded. Lee reminded the board that there are games available at other times of the week. Expanding the studio is cost prohibitive. The current lease ends in 1.5 years and Lee is considering moving. He is looking at other locations but his main concern about an alternate location is parking.

  • Financial report presented by Rajeev as Jim Dorman’s computer was wiped. Bar to check on a $500 charge by Blue Springs Marriott.

  • Sectional Tournaments

    1. For the summer sectional, Randy reported that the survey’s showed a favorable response to the new location.  There was an issue with coffee not in the setup supplies as expected and the need to have coffee on early. Randy suggested that we need to pay to have the tables set up as we are all getting older and it is too much to ask of an aging group.

    2. Alan distributed survey results for the Fall sectional. At the top of the list were comments on not having side tables yet. Becky noted issue that masterpoints were not being averaged within event and will amend flyer for winter sectional.

    3. Richard commented that two of next year’s sectional were on holiday weekends and thought this would affect attendance.

  • Unfinished business

    1. St. Louis no longer does Bragging Rights so this is no longer applicable.

    2. Other items deferred until later.

  • New Business

    1. Proposed changes to Policies and Procedures passed unanimously. In summary, remove reference to Caddy dollar amount pay. Reduce web master’s free plays from 3 to 2 per day. Allow sectional tournament chairs 2 free plays per day and regional tournament chairs 3 free plays per day to award to volunteers who have help significantly with the tournament.

    2. The board would like to request that ACBL to make Joan & Chris our priority directors as they are local and it will help with costs.

    3. Need to post visibly the names in print of the sectional winners on a poster board.

    4. It was proposed and unanimously approved to purchase 5 plastic storage bins for $30 each.

    5. It was proposed and passed 10 for and 2 against that Len Fettig be the Board’s recommended candidate for District 15 director. It was also noted that no board member is required to vote for the Board’s recommended candidate.

    6. Bar reported that the changes to the Bylaws passed (72 for, 12 against).


Next Director’s meeting is Nov. 3, 2018 3:30 pm Adjourned at 5:28 pm

Unfinished business for consideration at later meeting:

  1. Remind ourselves of priorities for the coming year:

    1. Tournaments

    2. More Swiss teams

    3. More for newer players

  2. Pleasant environment at clubs

  3. Grow unit

    1. Focus on events for newer players

    2. Engage “old guard” and newer players actively

  4. Unit Committees

  5. Non-profit bridge center


Submitted by Wynne Begun, Unit 131 Secretary

(thank you to Becky Walker for taking notes at the 9/8 meeting)

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