Kansas City 2♦

October 29, 2018

Opening a weak 2♦ is usually ignored by opponents.  Then last year, I started playing a variation of the Mexican 2♦ convention (original by George Rosenkranz).  I am not sure of the origin of the variation but with contributions by several KC bridge players, it was modified as follows.


Open 2♦ with 18-19 HCP, even distribution and no 5-card major.  Partner controls the auction.  This is particularly useful in right siding the contract so the stronger hand is concealed most of the time.



  • Pass to play in 5+ Diamond suit

  • 2♥ to transfer to 5+ card Spade suit

  • 2♠ to transfer to 2NT (default response)

  • 2NT to transfer to 6+ Club suit

  • 3♦ to transfer to 5+ Heart suit

  • 4♦/4♥ is a Texas Transfer to 4♥/4♠ (for Minorwood, transfer to 2NT first)

0-6 HCP

Transfer and pass.  With no 5-card major or 6-card minor, bid 2♠ to transfer to 2NT then pass.


7+ HCP (Game values)

  1. With 5-5 in the majors, bid 3♣ then Opener can place the contract.

  2. With one 5-card major, transfer to it then bid 3NT.  (Responder may play the hand.)

  3. With no 4+ card Major and no 6+card Minor bid 2♠ to transfer to 2NT, then bid 3NT.

  4. Otherwise bid 2♠ to transfer to 2NT then bid:

  • 3NT with no 4-card major or 6-card minor.

  • 3♣ with one 4-card major.  With a 4-card major, Opener bids 3♦ and Responder bids the opposite major of the one they hold. Then Opener can place the contract.  Similar to Puppet Stayman.

  • 3♦ with two 4-card majors then Opener can place the contract.

  • 3♥ with 5 hearts and 4 spades then Opener can place the contract.

  • 3♠ with 4 hearts and 5 spades then Opener can place the contract.


After opener has set a preferred suit or no-trump, Responder may pass or initiate slam sequences.


There are many variations of Mexican 2♦ but this one works extremely well for me.  With interference by Opponents either use Stolen bid or Lebensohl over 1NT responses.

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