November 3rd Board Meeting Minutes (draft)

November 10, 2018


Unit 131 Board Minutes

November 3, 2018 @ Studio


Board Members Present: Bar Kaelter, Jim Dorman Robert Weaver, Alan Hierseman, Becky Walker, Carl Shipley, Randy Klein, Tom Cranshaw, Rajeev Bansal, Norman Kahn

Guests: Kathy Rolfe, Bob Olson

Meeting convened at 3:30 by Board President Norman Kahn.


  1. Progress on leadership at 2019 Sectionals includes:

           5-31 @ Marriott- Bar

   8-30 @ JCC-Alan

   11-2 @ JCC- Randy

          Note: other members to pitch in as requested by leaders.

Caddies to be identified for upcoming Tourney – suggestions = Kathy Rolfe’s students, Alan’s grandson, Debbie Glagola


  1. Kathy Rolfe presented for the Board’s information only, the recent incorporation of MoKan Academy Bridge Center, a not-for-profit corporation. Prior to discussions, the board President polled any relationships of board members which could be perceived as a potential conflict of interest. It was noted that Robert is the Board Chair of the MoKan Academy and a few Unit 131 Board members had or are contemplating small financial contributions. However, since no Board action will be requested, all information is just informational. 

    Kathy Rolfe, the primary incorporator, reported that MoKan is a not-for-profit entity committed to education of bridge to all ages but with a focus on youth. Their vision is for 6-7 classrooms. In addition, it is hoped to be a site for playing throughout the week. Likely site will be on Missouri side in southern KC.  The site will be sanctioned and be in addition to the other 18 clubs in the area. General Q & A ensued.

  2. Bob Olson reported on his experience playing in Hilton Head. He learned that some clubs pay an extra $1.00 per session that goes to ACBL and in return points are granted by a factor of 3x. It was agreed to create a committee to explore the risk/rewards of moving in this direction. Suggested committee members included current playing directors (eg, Tim, Carol, Dave et al) as well as Board members and associates who may be interested (eg Paul Presley, Jack Spear, Alan and others who have time availability. Hope was expressed that a recommendation could be made at the next Board meeting.

  3. The financial report was provided by Rajeev as Treasurer in transition. In addition to reporting on the operating statement and balance sheet, discussion ensued on the recent scam incident. Communication has been sent to ACBL and Bank of America. Steve Goodman as legal advisor will be asked for appropriate next steps and other legal friends of the board may be considered for assistance as desired by Norm.

  4. In response to a request, the Board approved the following procedure:

    Should a teacher or Director wish to have specific board prepared by the Duplimate machine, they will first get Board approval, then provide Randy with a clean (no viruses) thumb drive with the prepared boards; Randy will use only one of the two Duplimate machines to fulfill the request; and if something goes wrong because of the thumb drive, the teacher or director who provides the thumb drive will be responsible, and will facilitate the return of the Duplimate process to normal as quickly as possible.

  5. Well wishes were expressed to Raj and Wynne for their recovery. The Secretary was asked to send a card to Carla Allenstein for her recovery.

  6. The meeting was adjourned at 4:40.










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