Unit 131 Board Minutes (draft)

January 6, 2019

ACBL Unit 131

Unit 131 Board Minutes

Wednesday, December 26, 2018, 10:30 AM at the Sheraton


Board members in attendance were: Norm Kahn, Bar Kaelter, Tory Billard, Wynne Begun, Jim Dorman, Robert Weaver, Arnold Nelson, Richard Jones, Tom Cranshaw, and Vicki Muir.  Also attending, Rajeev Bansal.

Let’s always be reminded of our priorities for the coming year:

  • Tournaments

  • More Swiss teams; more events for newer players

  • Pleasant environment at clubs

  • Grow unit

  • Focus on events for newer players

  • Engage “old guard” and newer players actively


  1. Well wishes to unit members Randy Klein, Steve Goodman and Carla Allenstein.

  2. Marti Malcom presented an update on the Holiday Regional

    1. Thanks to Marlin Reub for all the help on the tournament

    2. The Sheraton has exceeded room reservation expectations.

    3. Hospitality – between afternoon and evening and after evening.

    4. Norm will make announcements 5 minutes before the morning and afternoon sessions

    5. Lunches will be available for purchase

    6. Feedback is welcomed.


  1. Tournaments scheduled through 2021

    1. GNT and NAP - Vicki Muir

      1. GNT qualifying matches are at spring sectionals (May 31 – June 2) and finals are at the summer nationals (July 17-21, Las Vegas)

      2. NAP games occur at the various clubs in the Unit.  Vicki Muir will work with Directors to schedule

      3. Nap District finals will be in the fall at sectionals (Nov. 1-3) before bad weather

      4. Need to encourage C players who do not necessarily know about the NAP.  It was suggested that board members go to Tim’s Tuesday night to encourage C level players to participate.

      5. It was also suggested that the board pay toward the event for winners – provide matching money.  This item needs further discussion.

    2. Future Unit 131 sectional tournaments - Tory Billard

      1. 2019 -  Have chairs for 2019 (Let’s list the Chairs for each)

        1. May 31 - June 2: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

        2. Aug. 30 - Sept. 1: The J, Overland Park, KS

        3. Nov. 1 - 3: The J, Overland Park, KS

        4. Have contract at the Sheraton for the Regional

        5. Unit Team game on a Sunday by Tim – form the teams there if A & B players show up

          1. C players can form own team.

          2. March 10 - or April 7

          3. Tory will do a proposal

        6. New: I/N regional at sectional in 2019 (Tory and Susan Urich)

    3. 2020

      1. April 3 - 5: The J, Overland Park, KS

      2. June 26 - 28: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

      3. Aug. 28 - 30: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

      4. Oct. 23 - 25: The J, Overland Park, KS

  2. 2021

    1. April 2 - 4: The J, Overland Park, KS

    2. June 11 - 13: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

    3. Aug. 27 - 29: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

    4. Oct. 22 - 24: The J, Overland Park, KS 


(Note: Depending on the Chiefs schedule, the October dates in 2020 and 2021 could shift. Also, we are in the process of confirming all the locations, so they could possibly shift, too.)


  1. Recommendation from ad hoc committee on master points at club games – Arnold

    1. The committee recommends that the club owners be encouraged to schedule special games which award more masterpoints, in accordance with the ACBL Special Games Chart.  (These are the only special games available per the ACBL.) The Board accepted this recommendation.

      1. Recommendation 1 

        1. 4 club championships and 1 membership no extra costs – must be members

        2. October Club appreciation pair game

        3. October can have a club appreciation team game - gold available

      2. Recommendation 2 for later consideration

        1. Richard Jones discussed charity games. Currently players pay $1 extra at charity games. It was suggested that the unit pay the additional entry fee.  The treasurer will determine the impact of this action and present his finding to the board for consideration. The charity sanctioned by ACBL is the Alzheimer’s Association.

      3. The Unit 131 President or his designee will present Recommendation 1 to the Game Directors.  


  1. Report of the Nominating Committee – Robert Weaver

The Unit election occurs at the spring sectional. Robert anticipated 3 open seats for members at large due to terms being up for Randy, Arnold, & Becky.  Richard Jones announced that he will not run again and that his district duties will need to be fulfilled by another board member. Robert stated that he needs nominations by the end of January and asked that all board members nominate someone.  


  1. Unit finances - Jim Dorman and Rajeev Bansal

    1. The financial report was presented by Rajeev.  The report was unanimously approved by the board through a motion made by Bar and seconded by Robert.

      1.  Rajeev reminded the board that individuals must submit a form and receipt to get reimbursed

      2. An internal audit will occur in March and be submitted to the IRS in May.

      3. Rajeev reported that we have 100 side tables and discussed whether or not we should we buy more for Regionals.  No action was taken on this item.

      4. Rajeev noted that there was an increase in spending in advertising due to ?

      5. Rajeev also reported that ACBL has raised fees –now effective immediately – used to wait until Jan 1 of next year.

      6. Jim Dorman will talk to Lee Goodman about table fees for teacher appreciation event

      7. Wynne will send a thank you card to Randy Forchee for his work on the duplimate.

    2. Communication with ACBL and B of A re: phishing scams

      1. Regarding ACBL and Bank of America - no response from BOA – ACBL said that they will not pay us back.  

    3. Jim is chairing a committee to work on restoring these funds, Howard Mick JD has volunteered to help, along with Rajeev and Norm.


  1. Unfinished Business

    1. Rookie of the year is defined as the NLM who earned the most points at sectionals – Vicki will review sectional results and report the winner of this award.

    2. Lee Goodman has purchased some new chairs for the bridge studio. 

    3. Kathy Rolfe visited with the Board on Nov. 3 to present information regarding the non-for-profit bridge center in Lee’s Summit.  The board is not involved in the center.  Please refer questions to Kathy. 


  1.  New business

    1. The executive committee will conduct the year-end financial review

    2. Concerns about the distribution of the Declarer were discussed. It was decided to:

      1. Print 500 to be distributed to clubs

      2. Direct email the declarer to those who have given permission

      3. Explore how to communicate with the members who do not get emails


  1. The next meeting will be Saturday, March 9 at 3:35 PM at the Studio (Wynne, March 2 is the Leavenworth tournament)


  1. Arnold moved to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded and passed. 










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