Draft Board Minutes for March 9, 2019

March 19, 2019

ACBL Unit 131

Unit 131 Board of Directors


March 9, 2019


In attendance:  Norm Kahn, Bar Kaelter, Wynne Begun, Robert Weaver, Alan Hierseman Becky Walker, Max McGinn, Randy Klein, Richard Jones, Tom Cranshaw, Vicki Muir and Rajeev Bansal.

The meeting was called to order by Norm Kahn at 3:30 PM

Let’s always be reminded of our priorities:

  • Tournaments

  • More Swiss teams; more events for newer players

  • Pleasant environment at clubs

  • Grow unit

  • Focus on events for newer players

  • Engage “old guard” and newer players actively


  1. Approval of past minutes.

Wynne shared that we had not approved minutes from our past meetings.  The minutes from 7/7/18, 7/14/18, 9/8/18, 11/3/18, and 12/26/18 were reviewed.  Tom Cranshaw moved that the minutes be approved.  Becky Walker 2nd the motion. The motion passed.  Wynne stated that the minutes are posted on the website and that the current minutes will be posted on the bulletin board at the studio.

  1. Well wishes to unit members who are ill and/or recovering.  Carla Allenstein, and the father of Jeff Mason.                       

  2. Tournaments scheduled through 2021

    1. Rajeev Bansal reported on the financial results from Holiday Regional.  The Unit received approximately $8400 in profit.  Although there were fewer tables at this tournament, the unit was able to maintain approximately the same earnings as last year.  

    2. Vicki Muir reported on the GNT and NAP 2019 qualifying dates.  The unit needs to encourage more C teams.  It  was noted by board members that the NLM Swiss practice game is scheduled on the same date at the GNT District qualifying event in Oklahoma City. 

      1. Jeff Mason holds GNT matches but the directors at studio do not due to past low attendance

      2. Finals will be held at the District level in Oklahoma City on 4/6.

        1. GNT A Level or Championship players need to let the tournament director know in advance that they will attend. Vicki will place notice on the bulletin board and Becky will post on the website

      3. NAP matches are held during club games this summer. Vicki Muir will inform the board of the dates.  Players participating in the NAP matches will pay an additional fee.

      4. NAP matches are held during games with additional fee to play at unit

    3. Future Unit 131 sectional tournaments are publicized by the tournament committee.

    4.  Tournament committee report

      1. NLM tournament in OP – The committee is considering including a NLM regional concurrently with the fall sectional.

      2. The tournament committee, chaired by Tory Billard, will have their next meeting on Friday, March 15, 2019.The board of direcgtors suggested that the tournament committee discuss the following at their next meeting:

        1.  The option to pay for entries at the Regional using credit cards.  ACBL is offering a program called Purple Pass.

        2. Sponsoring an I/N Regional at one of the Sectionals.

        3. Who is entitled to free rooms at the Regional

      3. 2019

        1. May 31 - June 2: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO BAR IS CHAIR


        3. Aug. 30 - Sept. 1: The J, Overland Park, KS

        4. Nov. 1 - 3: The J, Overland Park, KS

    5. 2020

      1. April 3 - 5: The J, Overland Park, KS

      2. June 26 - 28: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

      3. Aug. 28 - 30: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

      4. Oct. 23 - 25: The J, Overland Park, KS

  3. 2021

    1. April 2 - 4: The J, Overland Park, KS

    2. June 11 - 13: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

    3. Aug. 27 - 29: Marriott, Blue Springs, MO

    4. Oct. 22 - 24: The J, Overland Park, KS 

(Note: Depending on the Chiefs schedule, the October dates in 2020 and 2021 could shift. Also, we are in the process of confirming all the locations, so they could possibly shift, too.

  1. Rajeev Bansal presented the financial statement.  It was moved by Wynne Begun and Seconded by Becky Walker that the report as presented be approved.  The board voted unanimously to approve the statement and complimented Rajeev on its thoroughness. Rajeev informed the to the board that an internal audit needed to be completed within the next 30 days. Bar Kaelter is responsible for accomplishing this.

  2. Wynne Begun shared that a committee met on February 14, 2019 to review the Policy and Procedure document. The committee recommended several changes to the Policies and Procedures. The P & P Document is attached to the minutes and is posted on the website with an explanation of changes in the addendum.

    1. Bar Kaelter moved that the changes be approved. Robert Weaver seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

    2. The board formed a committee to review awards that are given out by the Unit.  Vicky Muir will report back to the board the recommendations of the committee.

  3. Robert Weaver reported on the upcoming elections.

    1. There are currently 6 seats up for election. 5 of these seats are currently held by board members who will run again, including Richard Jones, Becky Walker, Max McGinn, Randy Klein, and Tom Cranshaw.  Arnold Nelson has resigned at the end of his term so his is an open seat.  In addition to the 5 board members who are running, three additional Unit member including Kathy Breen, Aileen Zimmer and Beth Malone will also appear on the ballot.

    2. A discussion occurred regarding the distribution of ballots. It was concluded that ballots will be included in the next Declarer issue and will be emailed to roughly 75% of Unit members.  A Declarer will also be on the Unit 131 website.  Additionally, quantities of the new Declarer will be mailed to the Directors of every game in the Unit, outside of the KC Metro area.  These can be given to Unit Members at the various games who did not receive a ballot via email, nor were able to retrieve one from the Unit website. Unit Clubs within the KC Metro area will have a quantity of Declarer copies hand-delivered to their Director.  These mailings and deliveries will occur between 30-60 days prior to the actual election date of June 2, 2019.  

    3. Absentee Ballots MUST be received by Friday, May 24, 2019. Additional information about Absentee Ballots and the address they are to be mailed to will be sent to Unit Members before May 2, 2019.

  4. Unfinished Business

    1. District 15 Board meeting in Oklahoma City, Saturday, April 6, 9 AM

      1. Alan will not be there and will find a replacement to attend the District meeting in his place.

      2. Stan will attend District 15 board meeting for Norm Kahn – Norm informed Jim Masilamani, District 15 President.

    2. The Declarer

      1. Rajeev shared his concern that articles are not coming in and no one is taking the responsibility to seek articles.  

      2. The next edition will be the middle of April to comply with the by-laws regarding notification of the election.

      3. The board recommended that the Declarer by posted on-line and also mail hard copies to clubs. 




  1. 4:25 PM - New business

    1. Robert Weaver:

A Club recently closed in Columbia, owned by Mark deGarcia and the one game per week that was offered was an evening game, populated mainly by the area’s best players. It kept getting smaller and smaller and evidently there was little or no effort to work on finding more players. The game reached the point where it got so small that Mark closed it down.


It’s a familiar story across the country, including other geographical areas in our Unit.  There may be something that our Board could do to address this issue. How about a dinner Meeting for Club owners and interested Board members to both get their input on this issue and to offer them some concrete Board support.  Perhaps financial aid for some targeted marketing for each Club: special Event Games for social players that includes snacks/food, lessons, drawings for door prizes, etc.  Providing this type of support certainly honors our Mission, and we have the funds in our Treasury.  There are some people in the Unit that have experience or interest in this type of activity.


Waiting for the ACBL organization to provide a program or strategy to address declining player numbers is futile.  Homegrown efforts that are skillfully designed, funded and supported by the Unit Board and implemented by dedicated Unit members has a chance for a successful outcome. ACBL might have Grant money available for this kind of effort.



  1. The next meeting will be Saturday, May 11 at 3:35 PM at the Studio


Robert Weaver moved to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 4:58. PM


Respectfully Submitted,


Wynne Begun

Unit 131 Secretary.





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