Notice for Upcoming Unit 131 Board Election

April 1, 2019

The Election for Board of Directors begins on April 15, 2019.  On or before that date, the Election Edition of The Declarer will be available online at the Unit’s website: 

The Declarer will have pictures and biographical information about the Candidates and will also contain a Ballot that can be downloaded for those Unit Members who wish to vote via Absentee Ballot.

Absentee Ballots must be sealed in an envelope with the Member’s signature and ACBL Player Number written across the seal.  That envelope must be placed in another envelope and mailed to:



Absentee Ballots must be received at that address by Friday, May 24, 2019.  Unopened Absentee Ballots will be opened and counted Sunday, June 2nd at the Spring Sectional Tournament being held this year at the Marriott Hotel in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Voting in person will also take place during the Spring Sectional (May 31-June 2) at the Election Table where the ballot box will reside.  There will be plenty of ballots available along with volunteers to confirm voting eligibility and to answer any questions. Voting is allowed starting one hour before each Session and 30 minutes after each Session. Voting ends Sunday, June 2, at 10:00 am.

A limited number of copies of The Declarer and ballots will be provided at each Unit Game by Friday, April 19th.  This is a courtesy to Unit Members who do not use email to obtain Unit news.  (The Unit Board voted two years ago to stop mailing The Declarer and Unit Directory due to the huge increase in print and mailing expenses.)

Questions?  Contact Robert Weaver at:, or at 415.672-1165

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