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Isn't it aggravating when your partner opens a suit and RHO overcalls with either a Michaels cue bid or 2NT? If you are not familiar with Michaels or the Unusual 2NT conventions then read no farther.

There is a really niffy convention called Unusual over Unusual that will describe your hand to your partner. Don described 3 different versions of this to me and this one is my favorite because it is easy for me to remember regardless of whether partner opened a major or minor.

As you know, both Michaels and Unusual 2NT describe a two suited hand so Partner has named one suit, RHO has named 2 suits and there is the unbid suit. (In the case of Michaels there may be an unnamed minor.)

1D-2NT (RHO has clubs & hearts)

  • Cue bid RHO's higher suit (hearts) to show 10+ HCP and support for Partner's suit (diamonds)

  • Cue bid RHO's lower suit (clubs) to show 10+ HCP and 5+ cards in the unbid suit (spades)

  • Raise Partner's suit to the 3-level to show 7-10 HCP with 3-card support of a major or 4-card support of a minor

  • Any 3-level bid is non-forcing showing a 5-card suit and 7-10 HCP

  • Double shows 10+ HCP, no support for Partner's suit with values to penalize opponents in one of their suits and likely even distribution.

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