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Players staying at the hotel receive free parking.


All other players can park free in the Convention Center lot which is at the back of the hotel. There is a back entrance which is a short walk from the parking lot.


Handicapped parking at the hotel is free. The entrance is in front of the hotel. Follow sign to guest parking.


There is a $10 fee to park at the hotel if not staying there. Be sure to park in the Convention Center parking lot instead of the hotel lot.


All games this year will be played at the Sheraton. For your convenience, please park at the west end of the back parking lot. Lots 1, 2, and 3 are the closest to the Sheraton entrance.


To Access Handicapped parking, enter the parking circle in front of the hotel and follow the sign that says, “Hotel Parking Only”. This will take you to the lower level where there is handicap parking with easy access to the hotel. Take the elevator up one floor and follow signs to Registration.


solid blue backgroung.jpg
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